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What do you get when you cross a mildly insane voice actor and deliriously silly animators? Chickens, of course! We hope you enjoy watching these little tidbits of giggly goodness as much as we've enjoyed creating them. Ba-kawk!

Sleigh Cluck

The Chickens are back and they're out for a little winter ride in the snow and carol clucking! (And in their Dickens-like outfits no less -- you know what that makes them, don't you? Dickens Chickens!) For your holiday pleasure, click on the image to the right for "Sleigh Cluck!" (Vocals by David Fuller, Animation by Jessica Kreig Hendron.)

The Cluck of the Bells

Our chickens' world-wide debut. A little holiday treat brought to you by the best chicken choir this side of anywhere!  Just click on the birds to enjoy this musical gem. (Vocals by David Fuller, Animation by Daisy Church.)

The Cluck of July

Oh, how chickens love summer! And a good, patriotic chicken lives for the 4th of July. So here's the Independence Day Egg-stravaganza they've produced for you! Just click on the birds to see the show. (Vocals by David Fuller, Animation by Jessica Kreig Hendron and Amanda Ricketts -- inspired by and based on Daisy Church's fabulous original cluck concept.)

The Cluck of the Irish

These birds just couldn't let their winter merriment stop.  Spring means St. Patrick's day, and our favorite chickens bringing you "The Cluck of the Irish". Click on the image to the right to see the show and enjoy! (Vocals by David Fuller, Animation by Daisy Church.)

Again, we hope you enjoy these little bits of fun. Want to know more about us or tell us what you think of our fowl humor? The links below will get you to our homes in cyberspace:

David Fuller - Voice Talent

Daisy Church - Animator

Jessica Kreig Hendron - Animator

Amanda Ricketts - Animator

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