My family always knew I'd move off to Hollywood and do something to make them very proud someday. The "Cluck of..." series most definitely isn't it. But it is entertaining, don't you think?

The whole thing started as a random thought in a choral rehearsal around Christmas time, as I recall. It was a light bulb that went off over my head -- or a brightly glowing egg: I just knew "The Carol of the Bells" had to be voiced to the clucking of chickens. (No, there was no one particular singer I was near who made me think that...) I wasn't sure if it had been done before or not but I was sure that I wouldn't rest until I had done it myself. So I did. It became just a little project to cure the insanity in my brain that birthed the idea in the first place.

It turned out just silly enough that I knew I could share it with my friends -- and they loved it. And my pal Daisy Church, animator fantastica that she is, shot me a note off right away putting dibs on getting to animate it. The Cluck of the Bells video was born! Her work turned out so great, I was snorting and crying from the time I watched the first draft until the final version. (OK, well, not that whole duration of time, but just while watching the first drafts and final version...)

St. Patrick's day followed and "The Cluck of the Irish" came along. And then with the summer of '06 setting in full force, I knew the chickens had to return for a 4th of July spectacular. That's when Jessica Kreig and Amanda Ricketts joined in on the silliness taking over the animation fun from Daisy so they could have a trip around the barnyard. Who knows what the future will bring!

Three cheers to Amanda, Daisy, and Jessica for helping make a little audio silliness come to life to tickle the eyes as well! And three cheers to you for enjoying it enough to come here! Buh-kawk!

Copyright -- David Fuller