Here's some fun stuff to keep you occupied. Warning -- clicking on the links below can lead to great wastes of time, fits of hysterical laughter, and feelings of happiness and bliss beyond control!!

Popcap -- More games than you can shake a stick at. I take no responsibility for you losing your job over this site nor for treatment for Popcap addiction.

Shockwave -- More games than you can shake a tree at. I take no responsibility for you losing your spouse, family, home, or sanity over this site nor for treatment for videogame-related repetitive motion injury (nor treatment for Shockwave addiction).

Disturbing Auctions -- Disturbing Auctions is a riot and a half! True to the name, D.A. is a "clearing house" of samples of items sold on any of the many web-auction sites out there. You just have to see some of this stuff to believe it.

70s Children's TV -- This site ROCKS!! You'll enjoy it if any of the following bring a smile to your face and a memory stream flooding into your heart: Electric Company, Zoom, Josie and the Pussycats, Shazam!, Isis, Scooby's All-Star Laff-A-Lympics, Speed Buggy, Superfriends, Wondertwins... You smiling yet? If not, what do the names Sid and Marty Krofft do for you?? Remember H.R. Pufinstuf or Land of the Lost?? Oh, and there's a whole section on commercials for products like Kellogg's Sugar Smacks, the Pladoh Fun Factory, and -- be still my heart -- the Evel Knievel Shock Absorbing Stunt Cycle!! Click and Enjoy!!

Media Nugget of the Day -- I love pages that change on a daily basis. This is one of the coolest! In their own words, "Simply put, a Media Nugget is a thing of quality, whether enduring or ephemeral. It can be a recording, book, magazine, TV show, web site, movie, computer game, or whatever. Lord knows, there's plenty of good stuff out there. For some, we'll link to so you can scoop the nugget right away. For others, we'll put links to related web sites. It's no big thang. It's just a nugget..." Check it out!

Hula Hoops -- Remember these tasty snacks?? I thought they were long gone until my first vacation to Ireland and the UK. And their website is a HOOT!! Check it out.

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